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Essentials of Employment Contracts I रोजगार कराराचे अनिवार्य

How much it costs to ask a lawyer a question? Need to Know Top10 Points

1. In India, the amount charged by a lawyer is unchecked. Different professionals charge different amounts depending upon the case, client status and their paying status, which leads to extreme fee variation. However, the growing numbers of lawyers demanding astronomical fees from their clients is a major concern. This mostly affects the poor and backward societies, as high consultancy fees exempt them to get legal consultancy from the top lawyers of our country. 2. The advocate's fee rules don’t put any limit to the money claimed. The Supreme Court Rules 2013 allows a lawyer to charge a maximum of rupees 8000 per hearing, which is hardly a tiny part of the amount that is billed. 3. We see that the best lawyers of our country charge as high as Rupees 15-20 lakhs for a mere appearance in the court. Some lawyers can charge anything between rupees 3-6 lakhs for high court cases only. And if the lawyer has to travel to the high court, then he can even increase the cha


During a divorce , there can be many financial decisions you have to make and prepare properly for your post-divorce future. Don’t become a financial victim with a divorce. Divorces are an emotional time for most of the spouses and below are some common mistakes they make that you should avoid:  1. Don’t Be In Dark About Your Finances: Whether the bank accounts, credit cards or tax returns make copies of these documents, read them and understand the documents and your financial situation during the marriage and seek the right professional help. 2. Insurance, Investments And Bank Accounts: There is a lot of insurance that comes into play the most prominent being health and life insurance. It is one of the added expenses that most people seem to forget. Life insurance is important if there are children involved, whether or you are receiving support or giving the support you want to ensure that in the event of untimely passing away of any spouse the children woul

Top 10 Issues To Be Resolved In a Divorce (2021)

Top 10 Issues To Be Resolved In a Divorce (2021) Divorce is one of the most tragic events a couple can go through to add to this it is a very long and costly process in India. In our country, maintenance and alimony are a matter of great discussions, so as a common citizen, it will really help you if you know your basic rights . In India, there are different divorce laws for different religions. The Hindu marriage act, 1955 allows the members of Hindu, Sikh, Jain, and Budh society to seek a divorce by filing a petition before the court. The special marriage act of 1954 is another secular law that governs divorce cases in India. In both mutual consent and contested divorce there are few issues that must be resolved.  The first big issue is alimony. Alimony is a fixed amount that can be claimed when the wife cannot maintain herself after divorce. The alimony is decided by the court after looking at factors. As per the law, there is no fixed amount of alimony. The court

Motorcycle Accident Claims – What Am I Entitled To?

Bikes are more prone to accidents. These accidents can often have fatal consequences. In the suburbs of London, where traffic is less congested people often take a ride down to their offices on bikes and bicycles. Thus there arises the need of a proper accident coverage and compensation. Getting compensation however depends on a certain crucial factors. To claim compensation you must prove that the accident had occurred because of negligence and irresponsible behavior of the other party. Secondly, you must also provide the supporting law along with evidence that you have suffered personal or material harm due to that negligence.  If an injury of a serious nature has occurred, you should follow some simple procedures. You must share insurance and other information with the other party. The incident also needs to be reported to the local police as soon as possible.  This is a safeguard in case the perpetrator of the accident refuses to accept your claims. Then you must try to a

Bike Accident Compensation – How You Can Benefit If You Have Been Injured in a Motorbike Crash

Motorbike enthusiasts are all too familiar with the freedom and the sense of adventure that accompanies riding on their bikes. Apart from the practical advantages like reduced fuel costs as well as less amount of carbon footprint to leave behind, the thrill of the rider each time he/she releases the clutch to begin another journey is undeniable. The real problem starts when these drivers are caught in a desperate situa lot ofg to avoid the reckless ones behind the wheel of automobiles and trucks. Certainly, these circumstances are inevitable and it is important that you, as a biker know the actual bike accident compensation and how you can benefit if you have been injured. It is a fact that motorcyclists form just about 1% of vehicular traffic across UK, but the mortality rates are close to 15%. A biker is more likely to suffer severe injuries in comparison to those in automobiles. Many automobile drivers claim that they had not spotted the motorbike prior to the crash.

Do I Need A Divorce Lawyer If We Agree On Everything?

Yes. You still need a divorce lawyer if you agree on everything. This may not be the answer you want to hear but it’s true.  You need a divorce lawyer to draft an agreement   Well, if you agree on everything still you will need a divorce lawyer to draft a proper agreement. Actually, you can also do this on your own. However, the agreement will govern your future and a little misplacement In a word can cause a big problem in the future. Divorce lawyers are trained to legal writing and analysis and will make sure that the agreement is proper and definite. Plus while drafting an accurate agreement you need to include boilerplate language. Now I will not go deep into the boilerplate language that goes unto divorce agreement but understands that it is very important. Sometimes one or two paragraphs of boilerplate will help you down the line if something goes wrong in an agreement.   A divorce lawyer will file the appropriate necessary paperwork   Some peop

Understanding Introductory Aspects of Motorcycle Accident Compensation

If you have been in a motorcycle accident and want to seek compensation, your first question is likely to be “What am I entitled to?” Hopefully, this introduction to motorcycle accident claims will help you to understand the basics.  First off, it is important to know that you cannot calculate how much compensation you will receive based on the facts of your case, that is, how much your medical bills cost, what the loss to your wages was, etc. That is because a lot is up to the jury or judge that is trying your case. It is almost impossible to predict how much you will receive but the following is what you might be entitled to:  - Payment of hospital bills  - Compensation for income loss  - If your injuries are such that you can no longer work at your present job, then you can get compensation for the cost of having to learn a new job or skill.  - Compensation for suffering and pain, both the pain you endured at the time and any continued pain, for example

How To Process A Motorcycle Accident Claim Top Points 2020

Many people are wondering how to file a motorcycle accident claim, and the reality is that you need quite a bit of info before you do. You cannot just call up your company, and tell them it was the other drivers’ fault. Here is a short and quick guide for what to do. Essentially a motorcycle crash is looked at by law as identical to crashing a regular car. You have to prove that the other driver caused it. If you were responsible, your expenses are still covered, but your insurance rates will increase dramatically. That is why it is so key to prove it was not you, assuming you indeed were not at fault. Here are the steps you need to take immediately following the crash: First, make sure you know the car you crashed with, as well as the license plate number. Figure out what kinds of damages the other cars or trucks suffered, as well as the names of anyone else involved and where they live. If someone else saw the crash and could verify who was responsible for it, get t

Accident Compensation for Motorbike Accident Claims in India

    Over enthusiasm or excitement can lead to a disastrous end. This often is true in the case of motorcycle riders. The riders who ride non-stop and drive voraciously get seriously injured and sometimes killed. The reasons for the accidents vary from person to person. Sometimes it could be the other person’s fault, or it could the person himself who not careful, or the spot of the accident, the type of vehicles involved, etc. However, if you are a survivor of a motorcycle accident, then you can go for a motorcycle accident claim.    When can you make these personal claims? If you have experienced one of the below-listed situations you are qualified for a claim. If you have a spinal cord injury, not able to resume work, if there is a disablement permanently, loss of memory, reconstruction of your body parts or face or a road rash, etc. The riders most often face these kinds of serious injuries because they do not wear their helmets. If you have been involved in a motorcycl

Before Hiring A Divorce Lawyer You Must Notice

  The divorce attorney you pick has to recognize approximately the regulation concerning divorce, baby custody and all of the other factors of the circle of relatives law where she or he practices. She or he has to realize all the regulation-related location with a higher understanding of simple tax legal guidelines because it performs an effect upon the belongings department and alimony. Your divorce representative has to realize actual estate and apprehend issues related to the actual estate each in regards to business and residential property, in addition to troubles concerning mortgages and other encumbrances. He or she should have some information about troubles with regard to businesses, specifically closely-held, the circle of relatives-owned or small corporations, which frequently evaluated and emerge as a key issue of many divorces. It is very essential that your attorney needs to have a very good expertise concerning

How to be an alert customer

Before deciding on the brand , compare the quality, price and in the case of electronic gadgets, the after-sales service. Study the warranty, particularly the small print. Do not hesitate to ask questions and clarify doubts.  In case of medicines or packed foods , always check the date of manufacturing, expiry or the best before date. If there's a 'free gift', make sure that it's really free. Always collect the cash receipt with details of the product clearly mentioned. The warranty card with the retailer's seal is a must. If the receipt contains conditions like goods once sold will not be taken back or exchanged or that the retailer is not responsible for the quality of the products, protest. Pay for expensive goods or services , with an account payee cheque or credit card, so that you have additional proof of having paid for it. Before entering into a contract for a service, do not be in a hurry to sign the papers. First, read them carefully and

Procedure for Divorce with Mutual Consent

1. याचिका दाखल करणे पती-पत्नी दोघांना घटस्फोटाचा विषय हाताळण्यासाठी वकीलाची आवश्यकता असते. खालीलपैकी एका ठिकाणी वकील त्यांना घटस्फोटासाठी दाखल करतील: 1. जेथे दोन शेवटचे राहिले. 2. दोन विवाहित होते. 3. सध्या पत्नी कुठे राहते. 2. प्रथम मोशन अनुदान आता दोन्ही पक्षांनी याचिका दाखल केली आहे, तेव्हा त्यांनी न्यायालयात उपस्थित असलेल्या न्यायाधीशांच्या उपस्थितीत त्यांचे विधान रेकॉर्ड करणे आवश्यक आहे. आधी सांगितल्याप्रमाणे, असे गृहित धरले आहे की दोन पक्ष त्यांच्या स्वत: च्या इच्छेचा घटस्फोट घेण्यास इच्छुक आहेत (म्हणजे परस्पर संमतीने). म्हणून, पक्षांना हे सांगण्याची आवश्यकता आहे की ते स्वतंत्रपणे घटस्फोटांशी सहमत आहेत. पक्षांना घटस्फोट घेण्याची आणि ते ज्या अटीवर त्यांनी विभक्त होण्याची (वि अधिकार, हिरासत इ.) मान्य करण्याचे कारण सांगितले पाहिजेत. जर पक्ष न्यायालयात उपस्थित राहू शकत नाहीत तर ते इतर कोणत्याही व्यक्तीस (शक्यतो कौटुंबिक सदस्य) त्यांच्यासाठी बोलण्यासाठी मुखत्यार देऊ शकतात. एकदा ऐकल्यावर कोर्टाने प्रथम मोशन दिले. विभक्त होण्याच्या कालावधीब

People Who Are Considering A Divorce May..

People who are considering a divorce may have been in this painful thought process for at a minimum of two years and many times, much longer. The decision to divorce is a daunting one and can be all-consuming and downright frightening. This is because divorce is very much like experiencing death. It is the ending of a life you have known and the final ending of a relationship you once treasured. If you are a man , your primary focus will be on your rights to your children and preserving your estate. If you are a woman and you do not work outside the home, your greatest fear will be the loss of your security and how you will be able to manage to take care of yourself and your children without the primary breadwinner. Now you have to go through the process of choosing a divorce lawyer. Once you have made the decision to divorce the first thing you must remember is to avoid rushing into choosing a divorce lawyer. The decision to divorce took time. Likew

Top 7 Points When A Police Officer Arrives To Arrest Someone (2020)

We don't know, what to ask from the officer? It's very important for every citizen to know what are their rights 1. Can police arrest you without a warrant? Yes ... But only if have committed a grave offense Offenses whose punishment is more than 3 years In those offenses, police can arrest you without a warrant Like Rape, murder, sexual harassment, stalking, assault, Etc.. 2. Police must have to tell you the charges on which you are being arrested because you can prepare your defense. 3. Name & Designation of the police officer is mandatory on his uniform If they don't wear name & designation Then they can't arrest you Police can't handcuff you If you are arrested with a warrant then the police can only make you wear handcuffs If they have the permission of a magistrate And if they don't have permission then they can't force you to wear handcuffs If without permission police are making you wear handcuffs then it is

Top 7 Points, What is Family Mediation? Divorce Mediation (2020)

Family Mediation brings the parents together and helps them reach agreements about the Parenting Plan for their children. What are the benefits of Family Mediation? 1. Mediation looks to the future of the children, instead of focusing on the parents' past. 2. Families have fewer disputes in the future because the mediation process helps parents with communication and making decisions that are best for the family. 3. It takes less time than the court to resolve issues - this helps move the family and children's transition toward Stability. 4. It is better for the children that the parents begin to team better ways to communicate so that the parents can support their children during the family's changes. IT COSTS LESS MONEY now, and in the future, because: 5. Mediation takes less time than a courtroom divorce, 6. Fewer returns to court in the future because the parents have reached an agreement which is

Top 10 Points On A Couple Can File For Divorce In Court (2020)

1. Mental disease – intellectual sickness can become a ground for filing a divorce if the spouse of the petitioner suffers from incurable mental disorder or insanity and therefore can't be expected from the couple to stay collectively. 2. Desertion – wherein one of the spouses voluntarily abandons his/her associate for at least a duration of two years, the abandoned partner can file a divorce case at the ground of desertion. 3. Not heard alive – if a person isn't seen or heard alive through those who are predicted to be ‘clearly heard’ of the person for a non-stop duration of seven years, the person is presumed to be useless. the opposite spouse needs to need to report a divorce ifHe/she is inquisitive about remarriage. 4. Venereal sickness – if one of the spouses is stricken by a critical sickness this is without problems communicable, a divorce can be filed by the other partner. the sexually transmitted illnesses like aids are acc

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Legal Heir Certificate Format I download pdf copy

Legal Heir Certificate Format 1. According to the Bombay Regulation Act when a member of a family dies then the next Legal heir can apple for the Legal heir Certificate. 2. This certificate is generally required for the legitimate heirs of the person who passed away and can be used by lawful heirs for pension claims, provident fund claims, insurance claims, gratuity, retirement benefits, service advantages, etc. 3. A legal heir certificate cannot be used in the matter of property transfer where a person dies without a valid will and also cases related to money establishments. In these cases, we require a succession certificate. We mostly use the Succession Certificate for inheriting the property left behind by the dead person for his heir. Legal Heir Certificate Format  Procedure for getting legal heir certificate 4. Only the legal heirs of the dead person are eligible to apply for a legal heir certificate . Legal heir includes Husband/Wife or Son/Daug

Top 10 Points, Can Working Women Ask For Alimony In India? (2020)

1. Divorce entitles the wife to get alimony if she cannot maintain herself but what about working professionals? Can a woman get alimony if she has a source of income? The answer is yes; a working woman is eligible to get alimony depending on her income and living conditions.  2. Earlier working women in India were not given any kind of alimony or maintenance but with the change in time and subsequent amendments in the law, alimony or maintenance are provided to a working wife under certain circumstances. 3. When we say a working woman, we consider someone who is economically independent and financially able to satisfy her needs but sometimes in cases of married working women they do not earn enough to satisfy their necessities and partially depend on their husbands. These women are eligible to claim a certain amount of alimony. 4. The main reason behind maintenance to a working wife is that a wife faces many problems after leaving her matrimonial home and is dep

No Maintenance For Earning Wife Supreme Court