Criminal Law


Criminal Law

A criminal lawyer or criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer that defends his or her client against a crime that he or she stands accused of. A criminal defense attorney's expertise lies in their knowledge of the Indian Penal Code and what a specific crime by Indian law is defined by and what it involves. This knowledge allows criminal lawyers to not only advise their clients on the best course of action depending on the evidence and their given situation but to also defend them in a criminal court of law to the full extent of what criminal laws dictate in the country. As far as clients go, criminal law attorneys not only represent individuals but also organizations and entities that have been charged with a crime. And, no matter what your requirements might be, you will be able to find the best criminal defense lawyer that has to offer.

Criminal law or penal law in India refers to the prosecution and punishment of criminal acts that cause harm or threaten public or individual safety and welfare. Criminal law in India is governed by the Indian Penal Code.

The procedure of cases under criminal law is to gather evidence and prosecute the case based on this evidence in a criminal court of law; with the case ending in either the conviction or dropping of charges against the person who stands accused of the crime. Criminal law is specifically concerned with punishing those who are guilty of perpetrating a crime.

Criminal defense attorneys are those who defend a client accused of a crime in a criminal court of law. And, as a guilty verdict or even initial arrest can result in the loss of freedom, hiring a criminal defense lawyer at the very onset of an arrest or accusation is necessary. The entire proceeding of a criminal case is taxing, and a good criminal defense attorney can spell the difference between imprisonment and freedom.