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Is it legal for unmarried couples to stay in a hotel? - couple friendly hotels

Can an Unmarried Couple Stay in Hotel? 

1.  Over the last few decades, India as a country and society is rapidly marching towards modernization with a radical shift in lifestyle and attitude. Such changes have helped us become more accepting and open-minded society but as we Indians are culturally drawn in following our traditions there are a lot of restrictions we have cultivated over centuries and that is the reason most innocent unmarried couples find it difficult to spend some quality time together in our country. 

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Can an Unmarried Couple Stay in Hotel?

2.   If a couple lives in a hotel, the police have no right to harass or arrest them. It is not a crime for an unmarried couple to stay in a room in a hotel. 

3.   The Supreme Court in his recent judgment has said that under Article 21, if both the boy and girl are adults, then they can live together as they wish. 

4.   It is the basic right of an unmarried couple to stay in a hotel or enter a mutual physical relationship if they wish the only condition being that the couple should be over 18 years of age, said Vinay Kumar Garg, a senior advocate in the Supreme Court. 

5.   The apex court had earlier clarified that a person may remain with his partner and enter a physical relationship, as the right is conferred by Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. 

6   The Supreme Court also mentioned that there is no need for marriage before or after entering a physical relationship as long as both are adults and have entered the relationship with their consent on a sane mind. 

7.   If the police harassed or arrested an unmarried couple while they were staying at the hotel, then the court would consider this a violation of their basic rights. The couple can directly knock the doors of the Supreme Court or the High Court as per the Constitution and take action against the police. 

8.   The unmarried couple have been also allowed to file a complaint against the concerned police superintendent or senior police officers above them. They can also seek the help of the Human Rights Commission if they are arrested unlawfully. 

9.   Hotel denies rooms to unmarried couples as they worry about their reputation but there are no norms for hotels prohibiting the unmarried couple from staying in hotels and if any hotel does not allow them to stay then this would also be considered a violation of the fundamental right and the couple can take action against the concerned hotel. 

10 An unmarried couple should take the following steps while booking a hotel: 

1.  The safe way for unmarried couples is to make the hotel booking through an online portal as they are secure and hassle-free. 

2.  Remember to read the hotel policies carefully as they will help you become alert while selecting a hotel. 

3.  Be confident and don’t fear while booking a hotel room. 

4.  Always carry your identification proof, age proof, and other important documents while renting a hotel room. 

11.   If you are an unmarried couple staying in a hotel, then there is no need to worry if the police approach you during a raid at the hotel. The police require a couple to show proof that they were both adults and were staying at the hotel with mutual consent. 

12.   In a nutshell, in our country, it is legal for an unmarried couple to stay in a hotel room as no law prohibits it unless you don’t indulge in any illegal activities. With the increase in educated and open-minded citizen’s, mindset towards couple shaming is decreasing but what remains deeply rooted in our traditions and customs will take a lot more time to go away.

This article is written for educational purposes, this is not for any kind of advertisement of the writer.


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